Fluoride is NOT easy to filter. Here's three known ways:

Reverse Osmosis - Filters Fluoride and many other contaminants. Removes good minerals so be sure include a reminiralizer or make sure to supplement minerals. Also produces highly acidic water so be sure to have pH balance solution.

Aluminum Oxide - Filters Fluoride (90%) Only problem is exposes you to aluminum.

Bone Charcoal - Filters Fluoride (95%) without aluminum exposure.

Until we can end fluoridaton please protect yourself and support the operation by purchasing a water filtration solution.

All of the following fluoride filtration systems are Made In The USA effectively remove Fluoride, Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, VOCs, Insecticides, Pharmaceuticals and many other Harmful Contaminants.

We sell at the same retail prices as our manufacturer and supplier CrystalQuest.

Triple Carbon, SMART, Fluoride Countertop Filtration. $219.00


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SHARP Ultrafiltration +
Reverse Osmosis +
pH Balance + Fluoride +
Remineralizer Bottleless Cooler

Fluoride Filter Pitcher $32.95

Single Fluoride + SMART Under
Sink $123.95

Triple Fluoride + Charcoal +
SMART Under Sink Filtration

Fluoride Removal + SMART
Whole House System
$3,095.00 (Stainless Steel)
All of the above filters will remove chlorine, however, up to 50% more chlorine gets into your body by inhaling shower vapor and through your skin in the bath and shower than drinking it. Not to mention that chlorine drys out your skin.

Protect yourself and support the operation by purchasing bath and shower chlorine filters.

Bath Ball Chlorine Filter $49.95

Shower Head Chlorine Filter $44.95
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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge
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Bath Ball Filter Replacement Cartridge
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Bone Char Fluoride Filter Cartridge
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Fluoride + SMART Replacement
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Fluoride Removal + SMART
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Smoke stacks at Mosaic Corp phosphate fertilizer plant in Riverview FL.

The EPA does not allow harmful substances such as fluorisilicic acid
to be released into the environment so it is captured from the smoke
stacks into liquid form. It's not purified into pharmaceutical grade.
It's put in a tanker truck and shipped to your drinking water plant.

Mosaic website describing scrubbing out the fluorosilicic acid.

News report of hydrofluorosilicic acid spill at drinking water plant.

Most municipalities in the US are purchasing hydrofluorosilicic acid.
The other type that is used is sodium fluoride. It is produced from the
fluorosilicic acid by mixing it with sodium hydroxide and processed into
powder form.

Wiki page describing Sodium Fluoride as a medication.
Some bags of sodium fluoride stacked in a drinking water plant.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) states "Sodium Fluoride is
poisonous if taken internally"

It is remiss to ignore the fact that this toxic waste makes it's
way into the environment after all.

It is absurd to think that different types of fluoride affect your
body in exactly the same way.

There are many types of fluoride. In fact, any chemical that contains
fluorine atoms can be called fluoride. Fluoxetine a.k.a. Prozac contains
three fluorine atoms so it can be called fluoride.

The psychotropic drug Prozac label.

The naturally occuring calcium flouride shown here is 1,000 times less toxic than fluorosilicic acid and sodium fluoride is not used anywhere to treat your teeth.

It is reckless to medicate you with poison that accumulates
in your body without controlling how much you drink.

41% of children in the US now have skeletal fluorosis because they are
getting way too much fluoride.

Mottled teeth is a sure sign of skeletal fluorosis. It is also a sign that they are over medicated with a known neurotoxin.

If your/a child shows signs of mottled teeth, does the City Council provide guidance to drink less of the medicated water? No, there is no monitoring of dosage.

There are no licensed medical doctors involved, only the chemical company and The Town/City Council.

This practice is not approved by the FDA.

Long term ingestion of bio accumulative fluoride is known to cause harm:

-Harvard studies linking fluoride ingestion to children having significantly lower IQs and teenage boys and large dogs at high risk of deadly osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

-More than 300 studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin (damages the brain).

-At least 50 human studies linking high fluoride exposures with reduced intelligence.

It is tragic that we are deceived into drinking poison as a way for chemical companies to profit by pretending to dispose of toxic waste.

This deception began back in the 1940's. All of the big fluoride polluters were facing massive lawsuites for human and livestock deaths and crop destruction.

The Fluoride Deception Video

This deception continues to this day because these companies would otherwise incur great cost disposing of the hazardous waste. Instead they charge a lot of money selling it to misinformed municipalities. They are very active lobbying for and funding fluoridation promotion.

It is deceptive that organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that fluoridation is the principal factor for improvements in oral health when over the decades non-fluoridated countries show the same dramatic improvement.

This chart plotting World Health Organization data clearly shows the same sharp reduction of cavities in non-fluoridated countries over the 40 year period.